Low Insurance Density

Insurance Density is the ratio of premium to total Population.
We will come to know about the potential when we compare the difference in Insurance Density in India with that of other countries of the world.

Life Insurance Density for the calendar year 2013-14 in USD

Country Density
Hong Kong 4445
Switzerland 4211
United Kingdom 3474
Japan 3346
Sweden 3215
Taiwan 3204
Singapore 2388
South Korea 1816
USA 1684
China 110
India 41
World Average 366

Source: Swiss Re, Sigma 03/2014

Insurance Density for the year 2013-14 in India is just 11% of the world average and only 0.92% of Hong Kong. There is huge potential available just to reach the world average and to reach the figures of Asian and other countries the scope is phenomenal.